Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Christmasy Selfie!

Its time to run over to do a selfie...this one is festive for the seasonal time we are in right now...
Woofs!! Happy After Christmas Time!!

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Woofs all my pals!

Merry Christmas!!

Or I should woof, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, because its already Dec 26th here, BOL!
Growlmy is always so late...So now it is Boxing Day if you live in Canada or British traditioned countries...

We were supposed to have a white one, and we thought we might, it was snowing late Wednesday night, but today there was only a dusting.
At least it was better than all that rain we had past few days.

Boss-boy and unfurbro are home, yippee!

I got some yummy treats and a couple of new stuffies. One of which I have started to destroy! BOL! Its a rabbit, what else does a terrier do with a rabbit?? OMD!

Thanks to all my pals fur sending me all those Christmas cards, both snail mail and Email! Love them all! I got way more snail mail & Email cards from furendsthan growlmy did, BOL!! Thanks so much!

Today I wore a red, white and green collar, sort of festive with little jewels on it, as befits a 'Sir Jack'...but growlmy had to take it off, cause I was scratching and got some of the 'jewels' dislodged...shucks, it was nice not to jingle so much that is what those tags do on my regular collar.

Well, I am sleeping now, to be ready for what the next days shall bring to do...

And once again:
Happy Boxing Day!
Happy New Year!
May your 2015 be fun filled and well blessed.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Christmastime Selfie

It is almost Christmas! OMD!
Growlmy has to work tomorrow, then she's off till after Christmas. Four days off in a row is like a mini vacation to her...except, well, she will be super-dooper busy!

We still are not sure if the Santa Sled will use wheels or runners, right now there is not even a crumb of any snow flakes, and we might get rain tomorrow, followed by more rain...which if that Santa Dude needs snow to be more efficient with his sleigh and reindeer, well, let it change to snow (Hold the ice please.), snow then let it all melt away, since personally  I am no fan of that white cold fluff...

She thought it might be fun to make todays selfies sort of here are my tries:

If I have to hold these things, how am I supposed to trip the shutter fur a selfies??

Aha! Like this!?!
Minko wanted to help too...

And thanks fur all the pawyers and waggies and licks fur Minko & Pipo, last Wednesday. They are doing just fine, though growlmy says her bank account is severely hurting...

Thanks evfur so much, too, fur all those pawsome cards coming into my den, both the snail-mailed kind and the Ecards.
I love em all, and truly have a good sniff of 'em when they come in the door. Now I know who you all are, ahem!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rather A Wordy Wednesday

Today I am woofing some words to ask a favor...please go here to my kitty brofur's page and send them some purrs:
  Pipo & Minko Need Purrs Today

Thanks evfur so much!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Selfie Out-Take

Well, here is an out-take kind of selfie, from my Christmas Tie session...

I feel so bored this weekend, its damp, foggy and drizzly...and growlmy is working. Pawppy was out doing errands yesterday and even went out at night to hear some music event. Today being Sunday, I will be on house Guard duty twice...for about 3 hours each, as my peeps go to church...wait, in the morning they both go to church, then after lunch, growlmy goes to work, and in the evening pawppy will go to church again. What this means is, since its not good enough weather for Yard Guard Duty, I have to stay inside the den...this equals *boring*...
Maybe I shall bark my head off, BOL! Or chew up something...afterall, Minko did that, why shouldn't I?
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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Card ~ A Sort Of Selfie

I have to tell you that my dogretary was lax in doing things here fur me...she mowed the yard yesterday, well about 2/3 of it, the mower ran out of gas just before it got too dark so she quit...did she help me then? Nope! She made supper...well, at least I did get a few tidbits. Pork chops, Mmmm!
She was wanting to write and snail-mail our Christmas cards today, but that didn't happen either, as also the tree and other decorations remain absent here, OMD!
Maybe eventually they will find their way out of the boxes and closets...just in time for Dec 24th, Christmas Eve...
She did get a pic of me with a tie on...sheesh!
So that will be my selfie and be incorporated into my E-Card.
She did E-Mail this out to as many furry pals as she could find, we hope you got one...if you want your own you can 'grab' it from here, or send me your E-mail address and I shall get you your furry own! (My apawlogies if you were ovfurlooked...drop me a note as per above and I will get you a card out!)
Growlmy is so furry tech challenged, some of you may have gotten two cards, BOL!!
                                                         MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

My Christmas Card For All My Furry Pals

Since this is also Selfie Sunday, here is the original picture of me in that new tie...watching out of the sunny window to snoopervise the neighbor's building project.

That naughty invisible visited here whilst my peeps were gone to Church this morning...Not Me was quite busy, and while I was able to witness it, am told I am party to the crime because I didn't stop it. What?? I think I shall just leave it at Not-Me...and anyways, Growlmy always tells me to leave that Not-Me alone, BOL! You guessed it, Not me chewed up yet another cord...the one to meowmy's I-Pad. OMD! Was he in trouble...I think Santa Paws will send him a whole bag of coal...and Yesterday was St Nicholas Day...he waited long enough so that he wouldn't be carried off in the Saint's Helper's sack...

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Worried But Wordless This Wednesday

I don't have words, but I feel some worried that that Pipo-Cat might decide to swat me with hims smacky-paw...

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sniffing Sunday Selfie

Here I am sniffing that flashybox thing...cause growlmy said it was time fur doing a selfie again...all I could smell was...not much to eat, BOL!!

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Thankfur Fur Bloggerland

Its the day after Thanksgiving. But it was the day of feasting here fur me and my furmily. Growlmy was working at the nursing home yesterday, she helps peeps do things they cannot do fur I know they are thankfur to her, too.

Its also the day after growlmy calls this vast network of our furry pals...and yesterday was a blog hop to be thankfur. So we are a tad late but we are still joining the last minute as it were, BOL!
Growlmy only made one picture my din-din. OMD! I was thankfur to gobble it up, pardon the pun, there was turkey in my dish...
So here is a recycled image of me being a centerpiece...Yikes! At least I didn't get eaten, I was on the dining room table, strictly furbidden you know.
MJF as a 'centerpiece', BOL!

And here is my din-din...
Kibbles, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, radish, tomato, beans and turkey! Mmmm! I love to crunch on veggies, and this was a great Thanksgiving feast!

Pawppy had to go to the office and do work there, boss boy was at home, but he had to work too...his job is online so he can work in his PJ's if'n he wanted to, he doesn't, BOL!
Growlmy had some time, so her and unfurbro went to the back woodsy area with me as inspector. They cleared away a tree that had come down in last weeks strong winds. My wood pile is oh so furry high now, I could climb it and be 'king of my castle'! It shall be a roaring bonfire sometime, meanwhile I shall have to snoopervise it carefurly to evict any varmints who contemplate taking up residence squirrel dudes and rabbits.
Growlmy gave unfurbro a hatchet and a big bow saw and a smaller pruning saw. She was doing the duty of pick-up-sticks...when suddenly there was unpublishable sounds coming from the young man working at the tree trunk. Yikes! He broke the saw. Um...growlmy was wondering what unfurbro had been thinking...he broke her pruning saw. That was what the bow saw was fur, OMD! Her antique one, BOL! She bought that in 1985 when she didn't even know pawppy, to do yard work at her house...well, at least unfurbro felt silly so he got what was coming to him, and he said he would get her a new one fur Christmas, he is a poor student you know...sheesh, a poor and absent minded grad student! Want him to design your bridges, BOL!!

After all that lumberjacking I was tired to the bone, so I didn't even come to snag any salad fixings...growlmy says my hearing is dimming in my elder years..sigh...but I am thankfur that I can still hear the things I need to bark my head off at, BOL!

I also scored in the kitchen! I got to lick the whipping cream beaters, Mmmm! Boss-Boy came by at the same time, but he didn't feel like sharing them with me he said...
When growlmy was taking out the leftover pie afur the feast was done, a piece of crust fell on the floor...I gobbled that up in the blink of an eye, afur growlmy even knew where it had got to be quick around these parts or you lose out of the good stuff.

When I came back inside after being outside woofing to Boss-Boy as he went back to his apartment, I jumped right into my nest on the designated couch...and there was a huge commotion...of hissing and kitty growls.Whoops! I had jumped right on top of Pipo & Minko as they were sleeping. Those noises bowled me right ovfur onto the floor, OMD! Then Pipo jumped down too and used that awful smacky paw on my schnooter. Sheesh...well, I am a good boy and I didn't bite or grump back, I just backed away, and pretended to try and sniff Minko...hmmm, not the best ploy, Pipo charged at me again, OMD! Sheesh, so I waited a bit and then jumped into the second nest on the same couch, and those kitties stalked off with their tails straight up in the air. Like they felt they were the victors...Grrr.....
Speaking  of victors...I am hoping against hope that the U of M Wolverines will be able to sing their song 'Hail To The Victors' tomorrow after their furry last Football game...alas, they are not at all favored to win...sigh...maybe next season things will improve fur my team.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to woof my Thanksgiving greetings to all of my furends and their furmilies!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Growlmy says that tomorrow boss-boy and unfurbro will be coming, even though, growlmy has to go to work herself. She told me, that her work never takes a vacation, so the peeps that do the work take turns having holidays off...or not...This one is her turn, I don't really mind cause the den will be filled with other peeps who love me too! BOL!

A few times a day, I have found a new reason to be thankful...I get to wash Minko's face from all the leftover noms from when growlmy puts food in his mouth...hey even though he hates it, I love it, BOL! (Except that Pipo still swats me and whaps me on my schnooter when he sees me trying t help Minko...sigh...)
I hope I get to wash the whipped cream bowl, too...I remember how yummy it is:
Well, off to night-night land till *that* burd comes by...


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Selfie Glimpses

It is Sunday, growlmy is off, and boss-boy is home fur the day. So since its selfie day, here I am casting some glimpses at boss-boy, so I won't furget how he looks till I next see him, BOL!
(Sorry about the poor color/lighting; its dull and rainy outside, and growlmy doesn't like to use the flash...)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Woofless Wintry Wednesday

Some snow time fur you all to be sharing it with me, BOL!
Snow has started here

Not too much...yet!

Growlmy didn't even clear the steps...yet...

Hurry up and shovel the path fur me!

Not the nicest sitting area, BOL!

I left more than a few of these.

Thermometer indicates 10F. Poor butterfly will freeze!

Deep snow.

Can't you shovel the grass fur me? Pawlease?!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Selfie Slurpie

Yup...a slurpie raspberry, BOL!
Actually I was dreaming and drooling of getting a treat to add to my portliness, BOL!
I am joining the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop...

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Why Does It Always Snow When I Go To *That* Place?

I am in pawppy's chair, all curled up...I am sad that it is cold and snowy outside...the cushions are to keep the furry deposits off the chair, BOL!

Why does it always snow when I go to *that* Place?
You know the place where you get stabbed and prodded…and they even put a muzzle on my biters…cause I do love to use em so much, BOL!

Growlmy says that’s not too funny though…I just feel overwhelmed when I have all those strangers swarming over me.
They said I am fine, just rather too portly. I gained almost five pounds. OMD! So now growlmy will likely starve me of treats…
I got in the van, and even the kitties were going along so I was entertained by their choruses of kitty travel carols.

The weather was atrocious, but at least it wasn’t as bad in the morning when we went as later in the day. Its been snow squalling most of the day, with heavier ones this evening. Weatherman dude thinks we could have 5 inches of snow by morning. Hey! The leaves have not been all cleaned up yet, and the grass still needed a chop job. And there is now doody under the snow, YUCK!!

I tried to smell Minko & Pipo when we all got back, but they both hissed and smackey-pawed me. Sheesh. Minko nevfur does that.

Well, I think that growlmy sure got  lot of phone calls today. Way more than usual. And a pile of snail-mail on her desk. And emails too.though I didn’t see those myself…
Something about Growlmy’s spawsial day?
Oh! I know…she got presents too. so maybe its Christmas? Wait, its snowing outside, growlmy got presents and its not Christmas?
Um…a gotcha Day, yes, thats it; her Gotcha Day. Do peeps get gotcha’d? Well some do like my doggie cousin Jakie, his boss boy was gotcha’d.  And he has a birthday too. OMD!
Its Growlmy’s birthday!
Well, it was on the thirteenth. I was so busy with all the snow and stuff that I didn’t get to woof about it on time…so now its Happy Birthday Growlmy, belatedly.
She now an ancient of days lady…about 600 billion years or something. It must be that long, cause she remembers a horse and buggy collecting the trash and another delivering the cow-juice when she was a little girl. Those things are in museums now…the buggies that is, not the horses…they are in horsey Heaven I guess…

Well, on those thoughts I gotta go. To hibernate until the snow is gone…well, at least until the sun comes up!

Sorry I didn't get with it enough to woof growlmy to take some pictures of our snowy day...

Monday, November 10, 2014

Remembrance Day ~ Veteran's Day

Today it is Remembrance Day...for Growlmy at least since she is a Canadian...and it is also Veterans Day here in the USA.
Always take time to thank veterans you see as you go about your doings. If it wasn't for them, freedom would not be as we know it today.
In Canada when growlmy was recently visiting, the 'legion' volunteers were offering poppies for peeps to put on to remember those who gave more than just service of time, they gave lives, their that we can live ours. *Thank you* Yes, she has one too...and a whole row of them on display from years past.

Growlmy had to learn this poem in her school days:
So at 11am today, take a moment of your time to think of why and how we are  free today, and say thank you to those who have given their lives for it.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Barking Like A Dog ~ Non-Selfie-Sunday

Freckles Wishes You A Happy Season Of Harvest and Thanksgiving


Growlmy got her just rewards…at least in my eyes for abandoning me while she went on her vacation.
She drove to aunties house in pouring rain…had to wait in a traffic snarl due to an accident…and then some dog stole her identity and traded his voice with hers. So now she is barking like a dog. BOL!
And on her drive back she had to wait for yet another accident, and more rain combined with snow showers….UGH!
And she says she feels her vacation was a waste because she was sick…and still is. Off to the peep-vet tomorrow. Running a temp for more than 5 days isn’t good. Sigh. (The only good thing is that she doesn’t have to miss any work for now…she hopes to be feeling well enough by the time she has to resume her duties with her residents…who surely do *not* need any barking dogs taking care of them, BOL! And she hopes that this upper respiratory crud won't trigger an attack of the nastier Ee-Bee-Vee...aka Mono.)
She can’t talk without coughing like that dog, I wonder what kind of dog it is, I had to have a good sniff of her when she got back. I smelled Murphy and Mr Cat from his neighbors...but no dog that might have traded voices. All she had brought back for me was a Christmas collar…OMD! Are you kidding? She says her excuse is…well that barking stuff.

She didn’t even get out her camera for a selfie, today…but she did get one of my doggy cousin Murphy sporting that new collar. (I am showing an archived harvest time picture from my old Photobook.)

My Great Auntie has settled well into her new abode in a long term care facility. She seems happy enough, and is eating better now, so she has regained some strength. She motors around with her walker, though its more of a mental crutch than a mobility aid.
On Nov. 7th, she turned 95!

Great Auntie Arendina On Her 95th Birthday

A Small Gathering For A 'Big Number Birthday'!

So it was a momentous and busy day.
In the morning coffee was had in an alcove just off of where she has her room…(she is in a huge complex, 6 apartment buildings, and 2 nursing homes, as well as many services such as a bank, a teeny grocery store, 2 hair salons, even a church. All under one roof, all attached by a series of tunnels, like a rabbit warren! Easy to get lost in, but most of the peeps who live there have it all figured out!) (Great Auntie lived in her own apartment there until just now, for 22 years already!)
Everyone passing by said Happy Birthday and stopped to greet the lady of honor.
A cousin who lives in Europe called in via the confuser and Skype, that was fun!
Great Auntie just smiles back, because she is so deaf she can’t hear a thing…
After growlmy was gone, one of her cousins popped in on his lunch hour.
Then she took a rest, and later she was picked up to be driven to another city where growlmy’s other cousins live. And they took her out to dinner…she ate with a voracious appetite! BOL! Must be yummier than the nursing home fare…
Of course they met up with yet another huge traffic jam…and a trip that is about 35 miles took 90 minutes, OMD.The return trip was much faster!
Growlmy says at least she wasn’t barking then yet. Or she might have been thrown out as a doggy impostor!

Now growlmy says that there are almost 100 unread blogs to check out…um…no way will she be able to do that. But she soon will try to pick up on the latest entries.
And maybe even she might find some time or barkless moment to reply to all your comments.
Sorry about being AWOL…or missing important stuff.

Growlmy is going to keep a low profile for a while until she feels better…and gets her own barkless identity back.

Maybe if I furgive her and send her some POTP along with all of you it will help speed the healing up?

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

SelfieSunday-So Long


Awww, you really have to go away without me?

Well, growlmy tells me that she is going away after this day, fur about 2 weeks or so. Pawppy will be here to take care of me and my kitty brofurs, so while the abandonment is partial, I still think its not fair.

Growlmy is going to see my Auntie and my Great Auntie, too and some of her cousins...and I might add, some of my doggy cousins, too.
Great Auntie hopes to be celebrating her birthday, she will be 95!
Growlmy too will be having one of those, though 95 is not her number...yet, BOL! Though she says sometimes like tonight, when she gets home from her job, she feels like 195...sigh...

So I will miss all your woofs and other fun, but when I am able to woof here again, I will visit all of you once more.  
The Cat On My Head
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