Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Birthday Barks & Happenings

Picture from Austin & Doo  -  Thank You!
Picture from Cooper and his helpers  -  Thanks so much!
Picture from The Kirk Furs  & Momma Shawna  Thanks!
I got some special and yummy treats
Then we went outside to check on things.    

We have lots of Mayapples!

Closeup of Mayapples

 Then we checked our burn pile and only the leftovers of a huge limb is there.
Remains of burn pile...its a soggy wet mess now due to all of the rain we have had.
 Then I said hello through the fence to Daisy. She didn't know it was a spaecial day fur me or she might have let growlmy make a nicer picture, BOL!
Daisy - My furend from next door.

My den built in 1907
 See that bent drainpipe? The heavy snow did that...And growlmy is glad that pool is on the other side of our fence, its the neighbor's...Close to the pool you can see that our weeping cherry tree is starting to get some color in its branches...but its a long way from blooming.
Bleeding hearts are coming along!
 These bleeding hearts are so pretty when they bloom, but its not fur long, after it gets hot they fade away...
You can see buds on these Bleeding Hearts!
 Then we found the wild violas in bloom.
 They are always so pretty and dainty!

 Then I went back to treat munching...

Me on yard guard duty    4-30-2014        

And that was my birthday/barkday! I did not get a cake, because I am allergic to most things that would go into a cake, so I didn't mind too much, cause I got all those extra yummy special treats. Not my usual fare fur sure. (Since I have gotten older I have become allergic to some foods, mostly wheat...makes me lick/chew my feet till they get raw, ouch! Growlmy says eliminating wheat is pretty easy, and there are lots of foods treats that are still suitable.)

Birthday Woofs!!

Happy Birthday to Freckles! April 30, 2014 

OMD!! Its my birthday!
I have gone around the sun 12 times!
I am 12 years young!

And now I sure am hoping to make that same journey lots more times!

I was worried the other day that Dogster was going to be problematic and not be there anymore, but the fleas were evicted and now things are well. Hooray!!
Can I have my treat now?

Today growlmy stayed home with me most of the day, so that was fun…she didn’t do yard work, so I didn’t dig, BOL!
But then she came downstairs with a big bag of stuff…Oh-oh! Birthday stuff.
She messed around in there and came up with several items…and then she got out that camera of hers…Oh-oh! I know what that meant…

You got it pals…picture session time.
Oh well, I always score me some treats, so thats OK.
At least until the blinds fell down, almost on top of me, Yikes!
She needed to pull them closed to deal with lighting issues, and when she started to do that, down they came! And up I got!

So eventually when she fixed the problem it was back to picture taking.

Hey, growlmy, did you forget something?
No, I can't put that balloon hanging back up until the nail goes back in there...

But, but...growlmy.
Its my birthday, but I don’t smell any cake baking?
Anticipating some yummy cake...

Well, she said maybe later when she has to go to the store…I sure do hope so!

I think a kitty is coming!
Yup, Minko is photobombing me!

Minko, you are silly, Its MY birthday!

Bye-bye Minko! See his tail?

Minko tried to photobomb my pictures, but then the tables got turned and he got some pictures taken of him! BOL!
Minko is being a pest...
And in that picture you can see that naughty blind that fell off its brackets...

And the balloon hanging that couldn't be put back up...
Minko thinks the birthday stuff makes fun toys!

Silly Minko

Meowmy, Can I have a birthday too?

If I eat this, then no one will have to wear it anymore...

Later this week, growlmy and pawppy have to leave me fur the whole long day…unfurbro is graduating, from college, and there are no pups allowed over there…
Maybe later on I can show you pictures taken of that event, sans me of course.

Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Boredom = Naptime

Hi there pups and pals!
Growlmy can't get anything to work at all on Dogster, Grrr.  All that comes up if anything does is the home page, but you can't log in or navigate...Howl. Mostly we get the 'not found' message. I sure hope its not broken forevfur...Yowl.
It better be up by the time my barkday is here... well, at least I have this bloggy to woof doggy!
And great pals, too!

Meanwhile I shall do some relaxing:
All folded up for a nap.

Yesterday was quite sunny and lovely. Growlmy was off from her job, so she did some more yard work. No blooms on my cherry tree yet. But dandelions are blooming, Sheesh, always those rascally weeds. Then after she got rid of those, she went back to the woodsy part in the back. I followed of course.
She gathered a huge pile of more branches and small limbs that she didn't pick up a few days ago.
And yup, she made another fire! But it wasn't nearly as big as the furst one. It was too cool fur snakes to be out, so I being bored had another digging session. Growlmy didn't think it was a good idea though, because this tree had nice grass around the base. So I got shooed away and went somewhere else to dig...then growlmy grumbles that wherevfur I dig soon all new weeds are coming up there, appawrently digging activates the seeds when they are exposed to the sun...well, think of it this way growlmy: If the new seeds germinate, you can eradicate them befur they get all big and full of those things that stick in my furs...OMD, we have evfurry type of clingy weed here that was evfur created!  At least that is what growlmy says.

And now its cloudy and rainy at times, and a lot cooler, good day fur more napping: A Sunday Easy.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Yup, I had a fire here today...a Bonfire!
But growlmy didn't give me any marshmallows or tube-steaks on a stick...

First though, Charlie from Down-Under wanted to see what my weeping cherry tree looks like. Well, it will not bloom for a while, a late spring here, but here is a picture from a few years ago, when it was quite lovely:

Weeping Cherry tree in full bloom, April 2010
Closer View

A Really Close View
Well, the Daffodils have begun to be so pretty and bright with their yellow blooms:

Daffodils - April 23, 2014
Daffodils - April 23, 2014
Single Bloom
Double Bloom
Having a sniff...
Freckles in the Flowers  - April 23, 2014

Well, after this picture session was over, growlmy put on her old clothes for garden chores, I always know what it means when I see her change, and then with a quick sniff of the garb,  I *know* those are the 'go out in the yard clothes', so I get all happy, cause I know I will have fun, too...I always do! Growlmy thinks its strange that though I have free access to the entire yard, woodsy area included, I don't go out there too much by myself, I seem to think its boring unless someone is there with me...unless of course I see a varmint there that needs my barks...

Anyways, she did some weeding, and then some raking. She raked some leaves and small branches into my already overloaded woodpile.
And set the whole thing alight. FIRE! Wow! Did it burn! And popped and sizzled and crackled and even a few whistles. I watched it intently because one time when she did a burn session, I snagged me a rabbit. Nothing doing this time...oh well, the whistling sounds must have been made by some walnuts exploding in their shells...
Growlmy stood by at a safe distance, and made sure that the bonfire didn't get out of control...she said it was calm enough and not too dry as there had been a bit of rain the other night.
By the time pawppy came home from work, all that was left was a pile of smouldering ashes, and a stinky growlmy, she smelled oh so smokey...

Remember me in the woodpile?
Hunting under the woodpile a few days was at least 10 feet tall, OMD!

Now all that is left are these ashes...and no place for varmints to hide...
Ashes instead of a woodpile...and one large unburned limb, BOL!
So now we need a storm or two to start a new woodpile, BOL! Growlmy thinks she'd rather not have any storms...

Well, that's all folks! Woofs!