Friday, June 27, 2014

I Got A Liebster Award From Whitely!

Whitley nominated me to be awarded with the 'Liebster Award'.

This is Whitley

                                                              This Is Whitley's Blog   

There are some  Rules:
1.  Thank the person/fur who nominated you and link back and recognize their blog in your post.
2.  Answer the 10 questions posted by the blogger who nominated you.
3.  Nominate 10 bloggers for the award.
4.  Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

Here are my questions for you to answer:

1. Whats your Nickname?
2. Do you like your furblings if you have any?
3. What do you do when the phone rings?
4. Do you evfur howl?
5. Do you dream?
6. Who is your fave unfur in your furmily, your Mom, your Dad, or an unfurbling?( or someone else?)
7. Did you evfur get in trouble using your teeth?
8. Where is your fave place to go to visit?
9. Are you allowed to run free anywhere?
10. Do you sleep curled up in a ball, or stretched out?

 Here are the questions Whitley asked of me:

 1.  Do your momma or daddy sing to you?  If dey do, does ya have a speshul song?
>Hey, I think I have been missing out, cause while my peeps can sing furry well (choirs) they don’t sing to me except on my birthday.

2.  Are you preparin for da zombie apocalypse??
> I am barking incessantly…soon those nasty hot air balloons will be invading my space in great numbers; 50 to be exact. Growlmy hopes the wind will not be favorable to send them over our den...

3.  Has ya ever killed a varmint?
> You betcha! Even a coonie dude…then I nearly had a heat stroke…sigh...

4.  What are your favorite game to play?
> Barking and barking and more barking. And getting treats for anything, makes it my fave.
Running like the wind is a lot of fun too, esp if the peeps can't get me, BOL!

5.  What are your opinion on baffs?
> They are evil. Good thing I has short/sparse furs, so I am easy to keep purty clean...

6.  Does ya have a special talent or trick?
> See number four…and I know lots of commands, all of them go with a hand signal so I don’t need to hear them to do them.

7.  Do ya ever just bark and da peeps ain't got a clue why?
> Um…almost evfurry day, BOL!

8.  Who are your bestest friend?
> Growlmy & Boss-Boy

9.  Do ya give kissies?
> I am not called ‘Sir Lick-a-Lot' fur nothing...

10.  What do your home smell like?
> Kitties and whatever is cooking fur din-din - in this case, today it was fajitas! Mmmm.
Sometimes laundry befur it gets all nice and clean, BOL!

 Here are my nominees!


If some other fur already nominated you...well...don't worry about it, BOL! Or if you are too busy, just enjoy the fun...and maybe post that you got the Liebster Award.

In case you don't remember me (BOL), this is me:

In My Backyard


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not Too Much To Bark About...

Not too much fur me to bark with you all about. Not even pictures, BOL!

Growlmy is busy with Minko, my kitty brofur, as he isn't feeling too good lately...but he is a teeny bit better than he was, hooray!

Its been rather hot and humid here, so not much yard work gets done, as growlmy cannot tolerate those kinds of conditions. It makes her feel sick. Always has, even as a child...

Anyways, therefore I watch her closely to see if maybe just maybe she is putting on her yard work garb, then I know I can go and play back there, or lay down and snoopervise her work efforts.
I can go there at any time when the doggy doors are open...which is always when the peeps are at home...but its that much better to have companionship.

Each early morning, growlmy goes out and fills up the big watering cans, and then she gives drinks to all the big  pots  on our little patio. And some of the more tender perennials get a drink too. She overwintered the geraniums and dahlias from last summer and now they are begging to bloom, Wow!
Our clematis is loaded with buds, it should be pretty. The honeysuckle vine died way down to the ground due to the severe winter we had, but its OK, just teeny...

And when she went to check on another small plant she saw me put my head down...and start a roll...hey! NO! She yelled at me...and went to see what on earth I was rolling in...OMD, EEUUWWWWW! A carcass. Yuck! ( not sure if it was a coon or a groundhog)
Who knows where that came from, and how long it had been there, the maggots were active...and I was trying to arrange for the stank and yuckiness to be part of me...but I do not know why growlmy would want to spoil my fun. I wasn't bothering her at all...
So she found a large bag, shoveled that mess into it and well, now the trash can stinks to the max. Good thing its going out in the morning.
She then shoveled soil over that spot, and as a  final insult to me, poured some bleach on it, too.
Spoil Sport.

And today, she had to go to  meeting, and I got locked in the den. No yard gaurd duty today. too hot, and it was about to storm. And it sure did. What a thunderstorm. I had to bark it away!
It was still booming and grumbling that I had such a nerve to insult it with my barks. All the dark scudding ominous clouds over my den...not going to stay if I have any barks about it. Yup, I let them blow to other parts of the state, BOL!
Growlmy said that she thought some areas wee going to have furry bad weather...the radar was red in some areas. Yikes. All we had was wind and rain...cause I barked it away.

And now I have to snooze the night away...ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Gotcha Day ~ And A Look Back

Gotcha'd I was & Gotcha I am

Today is the date I dogabrate the fact that I was Gotcha’d. I was in a litter of pups, outside in a big pen and my doggy Mommy and Daddy were there, too, though not in the pen with us.

All of us were excited to see someone…peeps meant noms, or playtime, or release from that pen to romp in the grass.

Well, we all scrambled to climb out of the pen, but growlmy said to the man who was snoopervising us all, that she wanted a boy pup and a mostly white one at that. There were two boys in that litter of puppies, and only I had that whiteness desired by growlmy. I was also responding well to the temperment tests she was doing with me, I just thought she was doing a new kind of game, BOL!

So she took out some papers, and after the man put them in his pocket, she got some other larger papers from him. Growlmy said they had my birthday, my vet info and some other info on them. Alas no paper was forthcoming from AKC or UKC, BOL!!

Then she let boss-boy see me…and he said, YES!
I was his present you see, but it would be months before it was his birthday, So I was an early present, BOL! So that on his birthday I was all ready able to play and give good doggy licks and wiggles!

MJF  ~ I Was A Teeny Dude!  June 2002

I was teeny and only 2 1/2 lbs! OMD!
I fit in one hand, though even then I was a wiggly dude and one hand wasn’t enough to properly contain me!

I had some little black spots on my pink schnooter, so since they looked like freckles, that became my call name. 'Mr Jack Freckles' came a bit later when growlmy & boss boy wanted me to be more…um… distinguished, BOL! Well of course! There was some gentleman who cuddled my head in his hands, looked me in the eye and said: You have a noble head.
I got really good at using my licker, so boss boy said I was Sir Lick-a-Lot. Growlmy says it should have been Sir Bark-a-Lot! That fits with being noble right?!?

All the skin on my little doggy body was pale pink.
But as time went on, My schnooter got all black, and my skin started to have lots & lots of black spots, some lager splotches and some like little dots. Not unlike a Dalmatian. Since my furs cover the skin spots, I must be a disguised Dalmatian…or a Dalmatian under cover, BOL!!

All that was 12 years ago.
OMD! Time flies. Boss boy doesn’t even live in my den anymore. He has an apartment about 26 miles from here, he graduated from college a little over a year ago, and has a full time job. I see him about every two weeks when he comes over on Growlmy’s Sunday off work…presumably to eat Sunday Dinner, but of course its to see little old me!
He even has his own car to zoom around in!

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!  Thanks Copper Allan and your whole furmily!

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!  Thanks Cooper and crew!

Great pictures pup pals!

I spent a lot of time helping growlmy mow the weeds down in the woodsy part of our yard. Pawppy with his new hip, can't do that section because  the ground is quite soft and uneven back there, and there are so many trees & shrubs to maneuver that mower around. UGH. Growlmy was doing that for at least 3 third of an acre. And she also took down some rogue saplings. The weeds seem to be under fair control this way, its better than using chemicals she thinks, and so do the critters...her echinacea plants and red poppies have all been rabbits or groundhogs. OMD. They never are around when I am back there, and if I do not see them or hear them in their dens, I don't try to evict them. Maybe she needs to set live traps? If they are on the outside of our fence its hard for them to get under the fence because it is deeply buried...

Any other ideas?


Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Stroll Through My Village Lanes

Recently growlmy took her camera along on my typical stroll. Its two miles around the country block. Some roads have no sidewalks, and some of the stroll is along the local highway. The highway runs south to the nearby town where growlmy & pawppy work, and it goes north to the nearest bigger city, Grand Rapids. That is 50 miles from here..I never have gone there, though growlmy has many times, that is where her oncologist is. At least she only has to go there once a year now:))

Come along with me  for a stroll

Some of the stroll goes by the creek, some goes by thickets of brush and over a one lane bridge…

Here is looking north from my den, I hardly ever go that way, BOL! To go around that block is 4 miles…no sidewalks, and 55 mph speed limits for the cars…growlmy says no thank you!

Looking north

This looks south from my den, and I walk here all the time.

Looking south

There is an empty field across the street from my den, here is where I see those sandhill cranes and not a few Canada geese, too…or deer. At times hot air balloons land there, which gives me much cause to bark my head off!

Empty field

We have a pond just up the road, it used to have a lot more water but right now it is more of a swamp. We can hear froggies there at night. Sometimes we can see herons fishing or a muskrat swimming. Or painted turtles sunning themselves on an exposed log or rock.

The pond

There is a school about a quarter mile from here, I  have played in the yard there when it was better fenced. Right now it is being used as a gathering place for home schooled kids, as the public school system had to shut down the elementary school a few years ago…not enough pupils and too little $$…



We have a corner store. That used to be the Bedford Inn where stage coaches would stop on their way to Grand Rapids. Too bad its so run down…

Bedford Inn - aka corner store and in the foreground the car sales place.

We have a bar too, BOL! They make good burgers too, Yumm!
And a place to buy a car if you need a good used one!

Need a car??
Just after the car sales place is a tall vine covered fence. Behind the fence is a deep cliff and at the bottom is the creek.

Having a sniff in the vines. Once there was a skunk in there, OMD! Not this time.

The creek at the bottom of the cliff.

We have a church, but my peeps do not go to that one unless the weather is really bad. Their church is 25 Miles away, go figure. BOL!

Bedford Bible Church

There is a fire station with 2 engines and a large staff of volunteers. Hopefully they do not need to be called out. They do practice sometimes though so that they won’t forget their skills.

We have a Cemetery too. Its been there a furry long time…I can see some of the headstones from the street…growlmy won’t let me stroll through there…something about respect…

I got to bark and sniff with Willie, a large chocolate Lab. He wasn’t too interested in any romping though…sadly he has seizures and his boss lady says it makes him feel tired a lot. Poor Willie.


I didn't see Asa who lives next door...

We have a lodge…they make roast beef dinners there once a month and sometime a cookout. We have never been there…sheesh we are missing out on yummy noms!

Bedford Lodge

Looking back from where I already walked...Downtown Bedford! There is even a Post Office!

Looking northwards  through my village

At the lodge is where I no longer go north, but we turn west and go up this big hill. It is real slippery there in icy conditions.

Not this way...that goes into town where pawppy & growlmy work...we need to make the turn...

We had to turn west and are going up this hill.

Pretty gardens and this beautiful Japanese Maple are some of the things we get to admire.

We see a lot of pretty gardens along our stroll…and wild things too. Here are some wild blackberry bushes. I think later there will be a tasty crop on those canes.

Up the hill and stopping along the way to sniff, and watch for critters.

I see something worth pointing at...

Hey! Those aren't real, BOL!!
Then down the around the bend to the one lane bridge, over the creek. That house’s foundation is right up against the creek!

Find the cardinal!?!

Wanna live this close to a creek??
There are a lot of potholes on this road, too…UGH! One just at the beginning of the bridge was so big I could have taken a bath in it…on second thought I stayed far away from it, BOL!

There is lots to sniff and a load of thickets and brush.

All that for that fake heron, BOL! Sure looked real and barkable to me!

Sometimes I need a break:

Yummy grass, BOL!

Wait! What's that??
I hear barking...
A little ways further I met two pups who were guarding their yard! I haven’t met them offurcially, though…

Come to think of it, I didn’t see a lot of any critters, feline or canine or otherwise. They must have all been napping, growlmy says she went out rather late in the morning.

Sometimes we have seen turkeys, deer, coons, skunks, (OMD), martens, lots of  turtles, and frogs…herons, etc, etc.Ducks and geese, too.

Well, then the back lane comes back out at the highway, and we go north again towards the village. We pass by the Old Bedford Mill. This was where the farmers of times gone by would bring their grain to have it ground into flour. It is in a furry bad state of dilapidation, and disrepair. It gets vandalized a lot too:(

Recently some naughty peep tried to burn it down, though most of the damage from that is at the back where we couldn’t see it. The creek runs under it, which is how it was powered.

The entrance to Bedford Park. That rock is a war memorial marker.

Another narrow bridge and a fisher dude!

The Old Mill again

This is also the area know as Bedford Park. You can have a picnic down there, or fish in the creek like the one dude was doing that particular morning. There is a nice playground too for wee ones. Lots of wedding and graduation parties are held there. Sometimes they even launch balloons form there…bark bark! I hate those things!

Time for a drink.

I stopped for a refreshment here…

Then I posed on a huge stump. That tree fell down in a storm a few years ago, and smashed up the fence. Wow!

Then I keep  walking down that little side street, past the school yard again and back home.

Woofs! I see my den!

Can I take my harness off now pawlease??!

I hope you enjoyed this stroll as much as I did. Now go and have a good rest to recharge your batteries!