Sunday, September 27, 2015

Groupies, AKA Doubles - AKA Two-Furs!! A 'New' Kind Of Selfie

Our kind hostess of the Selfie Sunday Blog Hop, decided to challenge us ll with double selfies today, she nicknamed them Two Furs, BOL!!

Well, I actually posted one of those last I guess I was ahead of the game...
Here is another of that kind, similar to last weeks, but a bit blurrier, the shutter was too fast fur us...

Minko & I, being a Two-Fur Selfie
Here is last weeks to compare.

Pipo is asking me if he can have my squirrel dude...I think its really a set up..... Growlmy says its a sort of two-fur selfie, BOL!!

My Auntie came this past Monday and though I sniffed all her things, there was no Murphy amongst her baggage. Shucks. But that meant that all the treats were just fur me, no sharing needed, BOL!

Auntie is trying to get me to do a high five begging move!

I actually did a high five, but the shutter was too slow to snag the action, BOL!
Thanks Auntie! Its so yummy!

I'm doing well, but the past few days I have been taken outside on a leash, not allowed access t the freedom of my yard...why? Cause pawppy was painting the porch. Step one was undercoat/primer, so I know that sooner or later I will once again be leashed to do my yard duties. And locked inside when the peeps have to go out. At least these incarcerations only last a day or two, and I don't mind...too much...but sheesh, when I try to use my doggy door all I do is bump my head...and then I cannot rush outside to bark the varmints or zombies frustrating.

My Offurcial Selfie!!

Growlmy was so busy, she missed helping me do the barkless Wednesday blog hop, and that makes two in a row. What she has said was, she needs to curtail some of our blogging times, and maybe we will only be here to blog on The Selfies Hop, and an odd extra one, now and then, to keep you updated if need be.
We will read/visit other blogs, but comments will be not as frequent. Some nights when growlmy gets home from work there are so many blogs to check out, she would be here till 4 am if she let me woof in all of them, OMD!!

Tonight is a Super-Moon Lunar eclipse, and the so called Blood-Moon as well...but I do not think we will be able to see it at all with our live eyes cause there are way too many clouds. Shucks.

Well, have a great week and enjoy all the things you do.

I hopped in my staggering way to the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sir Jack Swashbuckler, Barkaneer

In the depths of my treasure box, I recruited...commandeered growlmy my swab-slave to dig out the pictures of yore from my pirating days...What remembrances those were, Yarghhhhh!

"Ahoy! I am Mr Jack Swashbuckler, Barkaneer. Aaarrgghhh!"

  "The Pirate Wanna-be! ! This was afore I went to pawrate school... Then I was a swab, then a deck-hand, then furstmate and now a barkaneer! Aaargh"


  "The Pirate Wanna-be!"!

  "Then I was a swab! Aaargh"

   "Then a Deck-hand.Aaargh"

  "Then a Furstmate! Aaargh"

                                                           "Now a Barkaneer! Aaargh"   

"Avast! I am Sir Jack Swashbuckler, Barkaneer. This is my stash from my conquests of the high seas! Aaarrgghhh!"
                                                                  Happy Pirate Day!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Staying Alone Selfie On Sunday

I was told I had to stay home and do yard guard while I love my yard I was feeling a tad sad, BOL! Like I am deprived, OMD, not!! I don't even like getting in the van, so whatevfur!
At least each time I get left alone, inside or outside,  it makes no diffurence, I get treats to divert my attention until the peeps are gone. But if I am outside, when they get back, I mostly am sitting on the front porch awaiting them...or maybe I am looking out to bark any imminent zombies, BOL!
I still can't hop too well, BOL! But I am joining up with the Sunday Selfie Blog-Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Happy Birthday To A Great Pal!

Its Happy Birthday to my well known blogging furend, Whitley!
She is thirteen young years today, a teenager, she furnally caught up to me, BOL!
She is having a pool pawrty today, good thing she is in Texas and not here, the weather is cool and cloudy, at 60F.  Good thing we don't have a pool, it might soon have ice on it, OMD!! BOL!

I helped growlmy make Whitley a prezzie, here it is fur all of you to see, too...she sure does have a happy grin, well, why not, look at all those yummies there, and balloons to pop too!

Well, growlmy my dogretary who I recruit to type fur me has to go outside, and I need to go and snoopervise her yard work.
What are you doing way back there growlmy??

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Less Wobbly Selfie!

I am doing so much better these last few days! Thanks so much fur the POTP and all the pawyers too!
I run through my yard a lot more, I am more alert and stairs present less of a hazard too. I still have a head tilt, and sometimes I do have that drunken gait, especially when I furst get up or make sudden turns...but I am getting there. I eat all my noms and beg fur more, BOL!
Pestering kitties is back on my which I mean sniffing the good smells on their derrieres, BOL! Growlmy even caught me red-nosed with my schnooter in the kitty box, OMD!
YUCK she said...I stuck my long schnooter into the gate and pushed it sideways, opened it up and got into the furbidden front room...and voila, the kitty box!! Did you know those boxes have interesting smells in them and not to mention the goodies that might lurk beneath the surface?? I came out with little bits of that litter stuck to my black growlmy wishes she had had a camera right in her fingertips, instead she spent time scolding me (why??), and cleaning it off...

I missed the woofless Wednesday posting, sorry...growlmy said she was occupied with a lot of other junk...
I may be absent off and on around here fur this month and into the fall, for company;  growlmy needing to  help pawppy if he needs surgery to fix his retina;  and she still has to try and go to see her Aunt who will be turning 96 (Nov 7),  but that may not happen if she cannot convince my kitty brofur Minko to eat by himself... because a trip to see her is a 2 -3 night absence...time will tell.

Anyways here is my selfie this week:

My selfie joins up to this BlogHop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head