Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Flashback Selfie This Week

Growlmy said she did not want to subject me to wearing costumes for Howloween, and furthermore I have heard her tell pawppy that she doesn't even like this day anymore...sigh...
And she is working this weekend, and doing many chores, and getting ready to go away for a few days, leaving me in the good care of Pawppy. Kitties will be boarded so that pawppy doesn't have to worry about the feeding issues for Minko.
So there are no new selfies this week, but she said I could search my vast array of archived pictures and find a nice selfie from times gone about five years ago, OMD!

Wow, My furs were a lot less 'grizzled' then, this is from 2010.

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I may not be visiting too much in the next couple of weeks, growlmy is leaving to go and visit my Aunt (her sister) and Murphy..she says he will sniff all her luggage looking fur me, BOL! And it it growlmy;s Aunt's 96th birthday while she is she will be full of cake, cause befur she goes back to work it will be her own birthday too,OMD!! But...she will not be 96...yet...


Monday, October 26, 2015

Out In The Yard ~ Late Selfie

Yup, I am late...but well, at least I took some time to stop my sniffing and diging to make a selfie...sort of, BOL! We had so many drizzly days, I had to do a lot of catching up outside when the sun decided to come out of hiding!

So...Here's my selfie:

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Canadian Thanksgiving Selfies

It is Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow, October 12th.
So I wanted to woof Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian furends and to growlmy too of course!

Growlmy was furry thankfur to find this furry pretty Dahlia, in fine form still, so it is the selfie I chose fur her to put up in this weeks blog hop:))

A last beautiful Dahlia; The selfie image fur today!

Gourds in the sun!

Can I choose one, Growlmy?

I wonder how tasty these are?

Is this one a diffurent flavor?

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian furends!

Pawppy is painting the porch so I have to be leashed up again fur a few days, or I may turn into a grey pup, BOL!

Pawwpy didn't believe me when I told him I wouldn't jump on the porch to have a sunbath...shucks...

My Offurcial Selfie

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