Sunday, May 8, 2016

Woofing Here By Myself For The Last Time...I Am Moving !


I am in...

My kitty brofur's nest!



Well, since I am having to be moved into the blog with my kitty brofurs, HERE, I thought I would do one last set of selfies, BOL!

I took ovfur their nest under growlmy's there...that's why I have given them a raspberry. BOL!

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I hope to see you at my new blog...where I will bark in the same place that my kitty brofurs purr in! Growlmy said one blog would be easier than two...whatevfur growlmy...

Sunday, May 1, 2016

BIrthday Abandonment Sunday Selfies And The Peeps Said Their Reason Was Valid...What Gives?

My furmily went here two long days in a row, (they came back each evening.), left me on yard guard duty, even on my birthday, and went here to attend graduation/commencement exercises.
Hill Auditorium: Waiting for the grad students to arrive.
Receiving His official Handshake!

He is proud!

Outside in the cold  and wind...not what you would expect at the end of April...
The 'Graduate'
Those first pictures are from April 29th. This Graduate School Graduation was in Hill Auditorium, a beautiful venue for this event. Afterwards we went outside, and oh boy it was COLD, Brrr! And windy! At least it was dry and there was some sun behind the clouds...

The next day on my birthday they went to the so called 'Big House',  Michigan Stadium, where the whole university had graduation exercises. It was jammed with gowned young people and many more family, friends and visitors coming to watch and congratulate all the newly graduated students...Bachelor Degrees; Master's Degrees and a whole lot of Ph D's even! Wow, lots of learning happens at The University of Michigan!
And it was damp, but not raining...and yes it was still windy and cold. Brrr.

The Big House
Yes, Its huge!!
Happy And Proud!
Boss Boy with Unfurbro the Grad

Master Of Science In Civil Engineering

What a grin!!

I have to pawrty for my unfurbro on my birthday, Wowee! I should make him wear this cap, BOL!

Happy Graduation...and Happy Birthday to me!

It seems kind of scary to be 14.

Real men wear pink!
A burger??  But I want a real one, they taste better!
If I sing, can I have a real one?
She just keeps on clicking...all I get is cookies...
Are you bringing me my burger??
Maybe another day...and when do I get real ice cream? What, there is no ice cream in this den??

I got this card from Dogster's Birthday/Gotcha Day Club

This card came from some nice doggy pals
This card came from Flicka and family, another pal from Dogster   A Varmint! I gotta run and chase that dude, BOL!
This card came from Cooper and his family, another good  pal from Dogster and a fellow JRT.
All in all, I had a purrty good birthday!
Growlmy says now I sound like a jungle bell, cause I got three new tags on my collar...a rabies tag, a license and a shiny new name tag, cause I lost my old one.
I can't have real burgers or ice cream, because growlmy is worried how that would affect my digestion, sometimes I throw up evfur since I had those wobble events...and yes I still wobble and stagger, but I just ignore it as any good terrieristic pup like me would do, BOL!Stairs are the worst so they are blocked off and the couch cushions have not been put back on yet, they are too high for me to jump safely...and I just don't want growlmy to worry about me breaking a leg or I mostly just oblige her by laying in a of several...on the floor. She put one by the kitchen, one at the bottom of the stairs, and one beside her desk.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Furry Late Sunday Selfies On A Springtime Glorious Day...and a Haiku, too

Love that spring is here;
Tantalizing sniffs; warm sun;
Warm grass; Pretty blooms!

That's my Springtime Haiku...even though I am kind of late fur Haiku day, BOL!!
And wow, its going to be cutting it short on the Selfies blog hop dogretary is just too busy doing all these not-doggy things.

April 9th

April 9th

April 9th

Do you remember the snow that was here on April 9th, in the morning??

April 17th

April 17th
Well, its all gone...(fur good I hope...). The sun has come out, warmed the earth and my bones too:)
It also made the spring flowers start to 'explode' around here, OMD!!

April 16th

There was 5 inches of snow here a week ago!

April 16th: The same mini daffies as were buried...
So even though growlmy was working, when our weeping cherry tree decided to put on a show such as not seen since 2009, growlmy had to get out her camera and snap away. Some of me came along too:)
Kind of like a photobomber, Tee-hee!

April 18th

April full bloom!

Gloriously blooming!

Like a big pink cloud!
Spring brings the bugs out too, and this butterfly obliged growlmy with a 'selfie'!

The weeping cherry is abuzz with gazillions (87 gazzillion to be exact...) of bees, bumble bees and flies, all vying fur their share of the nectar and pollen. In all the almost 29nyears growlmy has lived here, though, she has nevfur seen any cherries on that must not bear any. Howvefur the walnut trees around here sure do make up fur it, and so do the oak trees. No wonder the tree rats have so much fun in our back woodsy area. We did have a regular cherry tree once, but its long gone...succumbed to some kind of disease.

Can you find the bee?

We have lots  of honeysuckle bushes and they bear a load of little red berries that the birds love to devour. Those shrubs are just greening up now.

Hi Growlmy!
Its so good to be able to get out and bake myself a bit...and sniff the whiffs of springtime...and dig, OMD, do I love to dig...this mole airhole became a target of my efforts...even with wobbles I still want to do all the things I enjoy.

A Mole Hole!! Gotta see if I can dig him out!

Though sometimes the digging results in um...yucky stuff in my jaws, BOL!
Growlmy saw her oncologist last week,  and she got another good report. Each passing year with good reports is such a huge blessing! Praise the Lord!!

Little Sophie had to return to the hospital, she just can't seem to get rid of the infection and breathing issues that trouble her so much, poor thing.

My auntie's friend's daughter had her bowel surgery  at long last, and now seems to be finally on the road to recovery. Phew.

Growlmy's Aunt has started the treatments that are trying to preserve the remaining sight in her eyes.

I am doing OK, too...still wobbly and the stairs are still the biggest hazard to I do not want to admit that I need to take them slowly...and yes, I fell down the back steps the other day...growlmy thought I was going to break a leg, but not me...being a terrieristic pup, I just shook it off and tried again...

My dogretary thinks she should combine my blog and my kitty brofur's blog into one blog so that she would only have to do one blog, and she could just alternate between me and the meezers, or just blog as she has things to let us woof or mew about. What do you all think of this??
She is trying to simplify life...presumably to spend more time with us I don't trust that, BOL!!


Here are some other spring blooms:

Springtime bulb in bloom, but growlmy does not know what it is, BOL!

Any suggestions as to what this is??


Oh-oh! A sure sign of warm sunny days...

A large grape hyacinth

Enjoy these weeping cherry blossoms; they won't last long...wind and rain take them all down in a big hurry...then the yard will have a diffurent kind of snowstorm, BOL!

Blossoms are just beginning to 'explode'.

'Biggify' this to see the bee in the top left corner...

See ya'll next time!

I am hopping in late to the Sunday Selfies and Haiku blog hop; hosted by The Cat On My Head