Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pawppy Came Home In The Big Snow! And Now Its Also Sunday Selfie Time!

Pawppy came home on Feb 24th. Boy was I glad to see him! I jumped fur joy and tried to kiss his nose...but instead I almost bumped it off his face...BOL!

I love to wash pawppy - aka - give him my loving kisses

It was in the middle of a snowstorm...the most snow we have had this winter...though growlmy said thankfurly it was somewhat less that what some peeps had out east a few weeks ago.
He is doing well, and should make a complete recovery.
Thank you to all of you, my furends, all the pawyers and POTP helped so much, and were truly appawsiated a lot:)

Growlmy shoveled and shoveled in shifts...4 times on the 24th, and once again on the 25th before she went to work. She said it felt like she had already done her shift...A kind neighbor came by with his plow and helped, that was a blessing fur sure. There was a total of over a foot...maybe even 16 - 18 inches.  But by Friday, it was a lot warmer and the big melt we are in the mid 50's and the sun is out..soon the snowbanks will be much lower and maybe I will see my grass again...but...I heard the weatherman say we might get another dump of snow on Tuesday...sigh...Winter is trying hard to get in a last laugh.

On the POTP  pages, growlmy found this lovely badge:
Thanks Ann, from Zoolatry

I also want to wish a good pal of mine a Happy Birthday!
He also lives in Michigan as I do:)

Happy Birthday to YOU, Dakota! I hope you had a great dogabration of your spawsial day! Woofs!!

Here are my snowy pictures...from early on Feb 24th, before pawppy came home, through Feb 27th...
Charlie, I would gladly send it all to you down under...but well, its melting!

Feb 24th, the beginning of the 'Big Snow'.

You can still see the tops of the grass...

I am hurrying back inside. Too cold and snowy.

Oh, goody, the door is open!

Later in the day...growlmy shoveled again, and um, the sidewalk was all covered by the time she did it all...sigh...

But, I still have to go outside to do...privacy pawlease...

Sheesh, I do not like this at all...

And the snow keeps coming...

Feb 25th, OMD! Too much snow.

I had to go out, and no way could I wait till growlmy cleaned it up...

Gotta go, gotta go!

Growlmy, I need some privacy pawlease!

Sheesh, where did all this come from...Growlmy had it all cleared out last night!

A pup cannot go too fast in this heavy deep snow...

My backyard.

I think I will head back inside.

Slow going, BOL!

Way in the back of my yard.

Feb 25th. Well, the snow has stopped and my back steps are cleared... Finally!

Growlmy got part of the sidewalk cleared so I can walk/run now:)

But the cars are still buried...OMD, She has to dig one out to go to her work!

Saturday, Feb 27th. Its warming up! The sun is out...maybe snow will melt?!

Sheesh, growlmy, you still didn't get it all cleaned up?

Growlmy waited til Feb 27th to dig pawppy's car out...he wasn't going to be using it anytime soon...BOL! Looks like a snow avalanche happened!

The front of pawppy;s car...It took growlmy over an hour to dig it out and finish clearing the driveway...

Then...she still had to finish this part of the sidewalk. I put my mark there to remind her, BOL!!

Its all clean now!

I am cold so in I go!

This looks way better than the pics from Feb 24/25...

While I was outside I tried to make a selfie...This one isn't too good, eh?!

Hmmm, better...but, well I will try one more time!
Hooray! Here is my snowy weekend Selfie!

You know what?? Today it started out sunny and later though it was cloudy the temps were in the 50's! Then it started to pour...bucket and buckets...All the snow is gone except where growlmy piled it up...OMD!!
And good grief, the forecast calls for more snow ....just in time to have March come in like a lion...sigh...

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pawppy Had To Have Surgery

On Sunday while growlmy was at her work, Pawppy didn't feel too good so he went to the ER. After a while after tests and other medical junk, he was taken in for emergency surgery. He might be in the hospital for a few more days. The surgeon said he will be fine but of course he needs time to heal up to full health and strength.

Could you all take a few moments to send good thoughts and pawyers for him? He would be so encouraged and 'bolstered' knowing I woofed my thoughts about him to you all... Cause, well I do love me my Pawppy!

Growlmy says she has to hang up her dogretarial hat for the time being, but I guess if it means Pawppy will get better faster, that is just how it has to be.
Thanks for understanding:)

Growlmy has heard that on the day pawppy is expecting to come home...there is a winter storm warning...sigh...we might get up to 7 or 8 inches of snow, starting off with ice as well, OMD:(
Go figure!


Sunday, February 21, 2016

February means Time To Care For Your Teeth!

You truly should care for them, they are the precious pearly whites and the only ones that you will evfur not think that doggy or kitty versions of dentures exist...but just think!! OMD!!

So here is a flashback selfie of me teaching you how to keep your teeth clean, BOL!!!

OK, gotta run to the sink to brush up now...why don't you all do that too?! Woofs!

My kitty brofurs have on their blog what happened here Friday evening...we were in the dark...sort of! You can read all about that HERE!


My kitty brofurs are purring fur Buddy Budd...he needs lots of POTP, Purrs and pawyers too.
So I am wagging and soft woofing fur him too. Maybe could use some freshly brushed teeth, doggy kisses too!


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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day Selfie Sunday!!

Its a truly spawsial day today!

Its a day to say I Love You!!

And I do!! I love my peeps, that is Growlmy, Pawppy, Boss Boy and Unfurbro.
I love lots of others too, including my kitty brofurs, even though sometimes the love is not always so evident, BOL!!
I love my extended furmily as well, and I sure do love all my furnends, be they kitties or doggies!

This morning was the coldest yet this winter fur us. One of growlmy;s thermometers said it was -11F; Brrr! A good day fur snuggling with my peeps, after a really quick run outside to do ...well, you know! At least I was fast enough that I didn't make peecicles, BOL! At least there is not a lot of snow to maneuver around in...that makes all that business stuff so much harder...
It was too cold though, fur boss boy's car to start, so he hitched a ride with my pawrents after Church and I am enjoying loving on him even as I dogtate my bloggy fur you:))

Here are my selfies fur this spawsial day:

     I couldn't decide which one I liked better so I present both of them fur you! BOL!

Here is a way older selfie from 2011, if I remember correctly...

Well, I have to admit I got a bit behind of late...but even though I wasn't woofing in your bloggies, I sure was snooping around in them, BOL!

In my snooping I discovered that tomorrow is Joey Dog's 14th Birthday!

Here is an early birthday card for you Joey! OMD, in a few months I too will be 14...sheesh, wow-wee!


                                                         HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rolling In Goodtimes And In Rollback Mode ~ Late For Sunday Selfies...

So late in fact that its now Mardi Gras, AKA Fat Tuesday, or Pancake Day!
Hmmm, no pancakes were made here, not seen those for well ovfur a year. Sheesh. My pawrents do not eat those anymore, they have changed their eating style to grainfree and so pancakes while they can be made with flour from coconuts or other nuts...growlmy just keeps things much simpler. Pawppy needed to change his eating habits for health reasons and so now the whole furmmily is on works better that way:)

Even I eat grainfree noms, as well as the kitties, BOL! Its good noms though; do not be fooled, I love it!

Even though its is Mardi Gras, pawrty time, my peeps do not 'do' that, nevfur have...though years ago, growlmy made some pictures of me in Mardi Gras garb...when I see them now, I can see how much darker my furs were then, BOL! I am an old dude now...but I still have fun and live a lively life! At least when I am not napping couch potato style...OMD!

The other night when growlmy was furry late coming home from her work, I ran all around the house in the dark at breakneck speed...the grass was still green, as the snow had melted, though now its snow covered again...we are having a see-saw winter. Springlike one day and deep arctic the next. Sheesh!

Which is why I am so furry late posting this selfie blog...growlmy was too bogged to blog...
we are all fine and well, just all tied up in not doggy (or kitty) gets in the way I guess, even though its not anything horrid like being sick or injured.
Just hang in there and eventually I'll come out of the rabbit hole, BOL!

Well, here are my Rolling Good Times, roll-back selfies:

I need to do what??

You must have been kidding, growlmy, right??

Well if I get a good cookie, its not that bad, if I do say so, BOL!

Begging for cookies equals equipment failure!

This is much better, and its my Mardi Gras Selfie!


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