Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday!! Happy Easter Selfies!

Growlmy is cuckoo...truly cuckoo, or big time nutzo...I just know it. What she thinks I am a lamb...well, that is beyond me. And isn't this Easter...why in folklore, that's about bunnies and eggs and stuff like that.
Sheesh...maybe she should wear that costume.....
Well, I tried to cooperate, but I must say its a bit hard sometimes, BOL!

The only celebrating my peeps did today was go to church like they do each Sunday, then they ate a meal of steak and I got none...nor did I get any of the eggs they were gobbling up later...and they were the real deal, not chocolate. Sheesh, all I got was my own noms and some extra chewy treats. I got a bigger chewy bone, but I didn't know what to do with it, so I tried to dig a hole in the carpet to bury it, BOL! I have no idea why that made my peeps upset...

Bossboy was here today, yippee...but he was doing things on growlmy;s confuser...and when he was done doing the so called updates things did not work for growlmy the way she was used to so it took her furevfur to figure it out. Therefur, well as usual I am late. Grrr.

Growlmy's cousin's little granddaughter has been released from the hospital, but she is still not totally well, that will take some time, but hopefully she is not going to have a relapse.

No news to report on her Dutch Aunt nor her sister's friend's daughter.

But growlmy's Aunt in Canada, age 96, who is furry deaf, is now going blind. This is so not good...she will see a specialist later this week to see if the sight left in the better eye can be salvaged so she won't be completely blind. OMD:(

Anypaws, here are some pictures of the session from which I have deduced growlmy is crazy:

Why do I need to be a lamb, growlmy?


I mean sheesh, growlmy...what are you thinking?
She thinks I should make this a selfie. Um...

No way!

Now my sheepish self is stuck with all these bunnies...egads! I am supposed to chase bunnies not commune with them. Didn't I tell you Growlmy is cuckoo?!


I guess I will just have to cooperate else it will take a lot longer to get me out of this lamb thing...

Maybe these sunglasses will help me be incognito as I wish you all a Happy Easter!

I escaped!! I am out of here, so there!

Well, I came back fr some treats as payment and all that's left now are the crumbs...

But...this is what I think of these picture sessions fur spawsial occasions: Pffffft!
                               I hope all of you had a wonderful and Blessed Happy Easter!

I did not bunny hop all the way ovfur here, but I am joined up to the Easter Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, hosted by The Cat On My Head

Monday, March 21, 2016

Felled Tree Selfie...and Me Too, Of Course!

Its Spring...though it was only 23F here Sunday morning, Brrr! It will be chilly most of the week I heard...but there will be lots of sun, so I guess I cannot grumble too loudly, BOL!

Here are some pictures of that tree that growlmy and unfurbro chopped down a while ago...
Felled Tree Selfie, BOL!

There are good sniffs in this stump...

My tree stump...

What a long tree trunk!
And now that the weather is warmer, the sniffs and whiffs are way more interesting in my woodsy area.
Hmmm, I smell a varmint.

I wonder what is up there....

Some good sniffs here....

Alert as always!

I hear something intriguing.

Squinting in the bright sun.
My 'Spring' Selfie

I Sprung Myself Over To The Spring Sunday Selfies Blog Hop, Hosted By The Cat On My Head

Rolling in warm grass is the best thing to do...

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Its A Green Day ~ An Irish Kind Of Green

Happy St Paddy's Day!!

I found some sort of green grass to lay in and pretend its the Emerald Isle...hmmm.....
I obliged my Irish for a day heritage, OMD!! BOL!

I got distracted too, sheesh out here there are lots of things to make me think about what I am missing while I am posing.....

Growlmy knows how to get my attention, BOL!

Happy St Patrick's Day!!


Sunday, March 13, 2016

In The Box Sunday Selfies...What Else Can A Pup Do On A Rainy Day?

Yup, its raining here, the proverbial cats and dogs...but I like to call it duck weather, BOL!
So I decided to check out the box that Minko likes to claim as his own. He mewed to me that its so good to sit/lay on crinkly wads of wrapping paper, so I had to try it for my self.
 (Sorry about the colors, the light was less than ideal, remember it was a dark rainy day? BOL!)
So, do you think Minko will mind me trying out *his* box?
I do think my own nest is a softer pillow.

And this paper, well its kind of hard to mold to my body

Truth be told, I really do not know why Minko is so nutzo about this box!

So I jumped out of the box to make a 'real' selfie...

Thanks too, fur all the pawyers and good wishes on behalf of my furmily members, who are ill...the only update I have heard so far is that the little 5 year old is out of intensive care. I will let you know things as I hear about them.

I hopped out of the box to join The Cat On My Head, who are the hosts for these Sunday Selfies, each week.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Selfies With Some Props...

Props...that is a bad word here, cause it means that someone is going to 'set us up' to take pictures...sheesh...

Pipo was not a prop, but he didn't want me to help with his props...

And not even this one, Sheesh!

He told me he would use his smacky whappy paw...Yikes!

Well, then growlmy got out another set of props.
I don't think she knows how to give up...
My kitty brofurs won the furst set of props, and also this next why do I have to model them growlmy? However since I knew a treat bribe was in the works, I obliged her, silly and gullible pup that I am, BOL!

I don't think that laundry by my head was part of the props, and sorry about the window behind least it was a sunny day!

Nope, still not too good...

Oh, dear, growlmy I am going to be laughed at.

Now that laundry is gone, but I am covered in shadows and bands of light. can't get anything right today...

Better lighting, not such a good picture, BOL!

I am getting bored...

So furry bored indeed....

I like this one the best even though most of my face is in a shadow...can I have my cookie now??

Some of growlmy's family members in The Netherlands are furry sick and could use your pawyers and good thoughts...
And at home my Auntie has a good friend with a gravely ill daughter, has been in the hospital almost continuously since Christmas...OMD:(
She fur sure is in need of much pawyer support.

Boss boy was here the other day, Hooray!
But it was unfurbro the younger who was here more this past week. And he helped growlmy clear snow...and they both worked at another big chore. The two of them cut down a big dead tree that was threatening to fall on our shed. However, now the source of some of my entertainment is gone, cause squirrels had been using that snag of a tree for their own purposes...oh well, maybe they will get into a tree closer to my den so that I might find it easier to grab one:)) Pawppy sure was happy to see that danger gone, because if it didn't come down with growlmy and unfurbro the younger he would have had to get a tree service here...they tear up yards and cost mega green papers, I hear. Pawppy can't do any of that kind of work for least he lets me lay by him when he is at home so I can get my ears scratched!

Well, that's about all the selfie news and reporting fur now! See you all next time:) Woofs!!

This Selfie Sunday Blog Hop is hosted by The Cat On my Head...but...not The Cat in the Hat on *my* head, BOL!